• How does MYTHICAL PIZZA cook pizzas to perfection so quickly? We'd love to say it's a trade-secret, but in truth we've just been able to closely work with some majorly awesome suppliers and utilize the latest in cooking technology with temperatures reaching up to 842ºF. Our colorful set of ovens is sure to wow you when you see your pizza go from prepped to baked completely in approximately three minutes!
  • How can I place a MYTHICAL PIZZA order? We offer several ways to place an order for MYTHICAL PIZZA. You can order in-store either in person or on our easy to use digital kiosks, online through our website, or through the DoorDash or Toast TakeOut App on your compatible Apple or Android device. Please note, we do not accept phone-in orders.
  • Does MYTHICAL PIZZA offer delivery? Delivery is available via DoorDash! You can place your order through DoorDash (for DoorDash Delivery) or Toast TakeOut (either on the app or our website for DoorDash Drive) to have your order brought right to your door!
  • Who do I contact if there's an issue with my order? If your order was a non-DoorDash pickup (i.e. ordered in-store via Kiosk or Pickup via Toast), please call us immediately at 304-402-6984, and we'll be more than happy to assist. If your order was a DoorDash pickup or delivery, please reach out to DoorDash customer service at 855-431-0459 to get your issue addressed promptly!
  • Does MYTHICAL PIZZA offer gluten-free options? We sure do! We offer a vegan-friendly gluten-friendly crust as well as a KETO-friendly, gluten-friendly crust. Please understand that since we prepare our food on a serving line, we are not able to guarantee that any of our menu items are completely free of allergens or gluten. Likewise, none of our crust options are recommended for those with a gluten allergy.
  • Does MYTHICAL PIZZA offer vegan options? No matter if you're a vegan or a vegetarian, we have some outstanding options for you! Looking for a pizza? Our gluten-friendly, vegan-free crust and vegan cheese can start you on your mythical adventure! Salad more your style? Load it up with whatever sounds good to you! Just make sure to let your MYTHICAL CREW know if you have any dietary restrictions!
  • Does MYTHICAL PIZZA offer KETO options? We offer two main types of KETO-friendly options. Option #1: Our pizza bowls offer you all of the delicious ingredients you want, which we DOUBLE UP at no additional charge, and then it is cooked to perfection in a foil bowl for your enjoyment! Option #2: We offer a Fattyhead crust hat is extremely KETO friendly and is only 4g net carbs PER 10" PIZZA (that's a lotta pizza!).
  • Why is your location in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia? When the pandemic hit the small town of Berkeley Springs, many restaurants closed their doors forever. As a brainchild of the parent company, OBITCO, the owners saw an opportunity to serve the community in a larger fashion with a new way to enjoy a quick-dine experience.
  • Does MYTHICAL PIZZA cater events? Nothing says PARTY like a pile of MYTHICAL PIZZA! Our takeout pizzas are a great way to celebrate limitless events, including birthday parties, school and office events, or just hanging out at the house! Contact us for special pricing based on quantities needed! 
  • Can I reheat my MYTHICAL PIZZA? Absolutely! We encourage you preheat your oven to 550ºF and place your MYTHICAL PIZZA on a pizza pan and heat for 2-3 minutes.
  • I love this place! How can I apply to be a CREW member? We're ALWAYS looking for amazing people to be part of our MYTHICAL CREW. Fill out an application and send it in (or just stop by!) -- you can learn more on our Join The Crew page!
  • Does MYTHICAL PIZZA offer fundraising options? Only the best! Giving back to our local community is part of our mission at MYTHICAL PIZZA! We work hand-in-hand with local charities, schools, sports teams, churches, youth groups and more! Head over to our Fundraising page for more information. Please note, to be considered, your organization needs to be a non-profit.
  • Wait, wait, wait .. Are you guys seriously an 80's & 90's and Cryptid Themed Restaurant? Totally, dude! From our amazing decor to our extremely unique multicade (i.e. Multiple Game Arcade with the classics from the 80's and 90's) and classic Pinball Machine with that true retro feel, you'll be engulfed in nostalgia!
  • What is the mythical creature that is part of the MYTHICAL PIZZA logo? Why it's a Wolpertinger of course! While it closely represents a Jackalope, it's a bit more integrate. It has the head of a rabbit, pointy fangs, tail of a squirrel, antlers of a deer, and wings of a duck. It's the most mythical creature of all -- and oddly, very cute.


(304) 402-MYTH

OPEN MON-WED : 11:30AM - 9PM 
OPEN THU-SAT : 11:30AM - 10PM

With fresh ingredients being prepped daily, we're here to serve our local community with flash-fired pizza for the masses!


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